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  1. You have asked a very important question..Y? Y are we here? Y do we seem to exist? Y go on? Y do we fight against the “powers that be, telling truth to power? Y? In some cases Y does matter..Y get married then divorce? Y have children who don’t give a rats fats tail about their parents who is still living and breathing..? Y go on with life is all you get is lemons instead of Lemonade? Y even try to make Lemonade when you get is “punch” (literally)? Y do better when the Salmon is still trying to catch the fish upstream?..(Dumb Bear). No the bear is not literally dumb. But Y? Y purchase a car when you have to make monthly payments? Y go see a doctor when he has only bad news to tell you? Y eat food when it comes out as waste? Y love when all you get is Why? Y talk when no one is listening..Y?

  2. When we speak and people don’t hear us, they are dishonoring us. When our presence is disrespected, does why matter? Remove negative people from your life. Being around people who love and respect us is important. We can’t be a victim to other folks’ whys. Hope sounds good about now: “grounds for believing that something good may happen.”

    Why in the context of your response is we just don’t want to lie down and die. Hope, hope on…hope, hope…Hope on!
    Things will get better. Why? Because every bad storm comes to an end.

  3. Ms. Vivian, Thank you for your website. Sometimes when a person is hurting inside we forget to thank the person that helped us get through this “storm” which is called “Life”. I deeply respect your writing. It is “Real Talk”. “Bad things” happen to “Good People”. Knowing how to accept the situation and move is sometimes difficult cause a person sometimes can’t see the “Forest” for the “Trees”. Some people are on a “wide” road that they can see everything. Others, on a “narrow” road that is not easily walked and they may be scared of falling off. I have excepted both “Roads”, which ever way they may lead. However, your “Site” allowed me to let go of some of my “Inter-feelings”. Again Vivian, Thank you.

    1. Carmi,

      If I helped you get through a storm, on a Y, I thank God. One day at time is the truth, huh? Ever tried to do two days at a time? That’s when things get overwhelming.

      The narrow road is less crowded, and I like that. Many lessons to be learned. No one to blame. As long as we learn lessons through successes and failures, we’re good. Hindsight is clear. At least, mine is. Reminder is its name. Remind, shoot! Remind me!

      I like knowing that I’m appreciated.


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