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  1. I’m sorry to hear that your family member has passed away. Just when a person is just attempting to get through day, then a tragedy happens. It has been only a few years since a member of my family died. I am still not over it. A lot things run through your mind. Some look for money, some comfort, and others are just truly pissed!! Some blame God, the devil, and other people. What is death? It’s not a celebration of the dead as some think Halloween is. I believe it’s a time to remember the person and the life that they lived. Whether good or bad. Life doesn’t prepare people for what really happens at death. The deterioation of the body, the body swelling and smelling and muscles in the body that still moves when the spirit goes out of the body. Yuk! We still have hope that their will be a time when death will forever cease. Not many people can say they saw a black President in their life time. However, your family member can say that he once did. We know who controls the world. Please take courage that you will one day be reunited with your love one. Take Care.

  2. I visited many grave sites this week. Just looking at the many people who had lost their lives, make me wonder about the life that they led. Some had headstones that were big and some small. I saw some visitors and others, hadn’t had visitors in a while which me me sad. You see, I was doing some research for my niece. So you are right. Death hurts, numbs us and teaches us that soon death will be the enemy and gone forever.

    1. Everyone needs to address death, if only to make a will or a Living Trust for one’s final arrangements in the A.D. There are times I visit graveyards. Yes, some stones have pictures of the dead on them and fresh flowers–always fresh flowers. People sparsely come and go. Death is different when you’re a spectator. Your emotions are not involved. Let’s talk about our family, our own family–the people who love us and have loved us and the folks we love.
      Some times we’re prepared for a death in the family. We are warned. A loved one is sick. We don’t want them to continue to suffer. When they die, we are hurt and relieved. Sometimes, we are not gifted with a notice. A notice grants us time to spend with our loved one until it’s over. But when one you were very close to just up and dies and you have no notice, it slaps you in the heart.
      I clearly said that I was in shock about my cousin’s death. I had no notice. I can’t call him anymore. He can’t call me. He was my cousin–a man I loved like a brother. I miss him.
      Do I want to visit the graveyard he’s in? No! But when I do, I will place fresh flowers on his grave. I won’t be a spectator.

  3. That’s deeply touching. I agree that everyone needs to address death. Most of the time we are not given a notice. It’s almost like someone is given a life sentence. I appreciate the fact that you will be flowers to someone’s grave. Stay real V.

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