Not Your Friend

Beauty is on the inside. It transcends the physical. If this picture depicts the inner person of anyone you know, run as fast as you can. Let's be clear. You're not going to see an actual monster looking at you. You're going to see someone you know—a friend, a relative, but definitely a human.

It’s time to stop pretending: Look and Listen.  Who showed up when you needed them? Spoke kind words to lift you—not use their tongue as a weapon (oh, let’s not forget, they didn’t mean what they said) and it hurt you. Who kicked you down and showed you no compassion when your heart was already bleeding? It’s all right.

Thank your enemies and keep them as far away from you as possible. Don’t give them anymore opportunities. This is Not Your Friend. Stop pretending. You’re better off dead. That’s what you’re going to be if you keep messing with them. Do you expect something positive from this? Sadly, some of us do. Our so called friends hate our guts, they want our blood, and, if given the opportunity they will kill us.

3 thoughts on “Not Your Friend

  1. I came to realize, I have no real friends. Friends are like M & M’s..They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Who can you trust? Fake friends are like Plexi-glass. They are Transparent and not real. You are right. A honest person is not going to see the Monster coming. Some come nice, some hard. What kind of Monster are we really? Why do we keep allowing the Monster to come scare us at night like a Phantom in dark. Dark Vader that is..! I want new friends and a new life. Old friends never change. They get more creative in their activities. I recent saw this Movie called Genius. It was about a Writer played by Jude Law. Interesting movie. Writers are creative people such as yourself. Some write cause they don’t want to keep their emotions inside. All of their creativity comes out on paper. I wish I could write well. I stopped scribbling a long time ago. Getting back to the movie, I found that their is a way that a person can write and write to capture the reader’s attention. I do try to listen, intently that is..I do not like people who use their tongues as weapons. Tongues are like Fires and Earthquakes-destructive. I will never thank an Enemy. That’s what they are enemies. We all want to to think that their is good in some folks, but hell!! I can’t pretend anymore. I can’t pretend I like someone when I don’t. It’s just me. I believe dead people are in a un-conscience state. I learned that depending on the “sand”, Sand acts as a preservative. So when a body is in sand, the body is preserved for a “time”. Well, I hope that you find “good” friends this coming year, and that you become Famous as a writer one day.

    1. Friends show up. I remember people who show up and showed up in one way or another. I understand the importance of encouragement. I surround myself with positive energy. I want you to do the same. I don’t need to be a famous writer. I just need to write. I do other things. Titles, labels, and things don’t impress me. Creativity is the beauty of life. As for my enemies, I don’t have any. I don’t hate anyone. Some folks don’t deserve my presence.

      These folks helped me understand the layers of thoughts and perceptions via pain. To them, I say thank you.

      I believe creative people need an outlet. Need to be in our element. It feels right.

      I’m looking forward to nurturing green, accepting peace, and appreciating my epiphanies.

  2. Thank you for responding to my thoughts. I believe people need to be creative along with exploring new things in life. I do need encouragement. I appreciate you.

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