This life has many lifespans, and I died, at least, seven times. Accepted new opportunities to live. Therefore, it’s fair to say: I knew you in another lifetime. I died in a lifespan.
I will never shed another tear about that lifespan.

Vivian Dixon Sober

One thought on “Lifespans

  1. Life. Life has many Lifespans in itself. I had this reoccurring dream. I was in my mother’s womb and I could not see at the time as I held on to my umbilical cord. I was given a choice. Not to take the red or blue pill, but to choose a course or road in life. Take the sun with the palm trees as the easy road, or take the other road which was cramped and narrow. How could I choose? I was an embryo about to become a baby..So when I was fully developed, I chose the sun and the palm trees. Well that was the wrong choice. I should have stayed in the womb. My life was flashed in a moment of seconds..I had literally a moment just to make up my mind which course to take. Well..that choice lasted a lifetime, a lifespan. Although I didn’t die, I wish I had in that womb. Then I would not have a Story to tell. Short in its nature, but true. How could I get rid of this dream which I have had for the last 40 years? I have shed many tears behind this dream. Now I accept many opportunities to live. Thank you Ms. V. for allowing me to express myself.

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