Life Is

I said I wasn’t going to fill this blog with my writing.  After all, I am seeking literary representation, but I’m full of thoughts. Do they ever stop? So much going on today. We should appreciate beautiful things. Things that make us happy. Free beauty is from God. The sunset, ocean, moon, and stars.

Life is going on but not everyone knows. Drive by the graveyard.  Understand. They have lived and we’re driving by. So many zombie’s today. Life is passing so many by. Life is.

I think I’ll smell a flower today.

Vivian Dixon Sober

3 thoughts on “Life Is

  1. If you stop writing then we will have no one to tell our feelings too. I find comfort in writing on your blog and receiving feed back from you. This cannot stop. We cannot stop supporting each other. Seeking a Literary Agent should be a simple task, but it isn’t. It’s all about who you know-not what talent you have. You have an extraordinary writing ability which should not be silent. Your thought are above the average person’s comprehension. I just started to appreciate beautiful things in nature that was created by and from God. I started taking pictures of different flowers. They are so beautiful and each flower is different. By looking at it-it tells a different story. That’s when I started to look at life a little different. Not people. People are not nice. Or shall I say some people are not nice. I haven’t been happy in a long time, but who cares. I want to make my remaining days meaningful-happy. I want to make new friends. “Blank” the old ones. They keep making you feel that they are a “friend” then they go back to their “old” ways. Beauty is from God. He created you and you enlighten us. If people believed in Zombie’s and Halloween, well then they should go right down to the local Morgue and celebrate and bring their children with them. They call it celebrating the day of the dead. I will not celebrate the death of someone I once loved. Death is the enemy. Who wants to keep remembering a painful occurrence like that! Life is passing us by..One day, this life as we know it will be over and done with, then what? Please don’t stop writing. You have a creative heart.

    1. I haven’t stopped writing. Finding a literary agent is a quest. It’s not easy. I’m not going to give up. I’m just working on it and at it.
      I’m pleased that I help you, but please take me off the pedestal. Everyone I ever placed (subconsciously) on a pedestal fell off and shattered into the tiniest of tiny glass. I don’t blame them. It won’t happen again. How ’bout that?
      It’s a cold world out there. I don’t try to fit in. I’m thankful that I am blessed with the gift of writing. There are so many things to be thankful for in life, but I, like others, can’t see well in a storm when I’m driving. I have learned to look for the sun in a storm.
      I do agree with your analogy of the morgue and the viewing of the dead. There is nothing appealing to me about viewing the dead. Nothing. However, viewing the dead is a reminder of the reality of life. I go some place and sit down and respect the families. For someone like me, death is deep. I start thinking about life and my own mortality. No haters allowed in my space.
      I can’t look to other people to make me happy. That’s how I stumbled.
      There are some very kind people in this world. They have light.
      I did a self examination today, and I saw light.
      I am light. I am here. I am a survivor. I stand. Even in the night, I stand. Everyday is not positive, but we must fight for the light.

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