Just Don’t Get Used To It

For you, Curtis. I lit the candle of thought.

“Candle of Thought”

was lit in memory of Curtis Gallaway

Curtis, first cousins are nearly brothers and sisters. You are the closest person to a brother that I had. Your love was without hypocrisy. “Curtis who?” That’s what I said, when I received the news. I just talked to you. You made me publish my underdeveloped website so I could write (this is it). I had to remind you to stay in your lane. We argued like an old married couple. You said forget what people think. You don’t have to wait until it’s perfect. Just do it. That’s what’s wrong with you. Just do it, and so I did.
Now I’m writing on your obituary wall.
I am elated that I spent time with you last year, and that we kept in touch. We always kept in touch.
The day will come when Rev:21:3,4 will be a reality. You will return. Evildoers will be no more Proverbs: 9:29-30.
I’m going to look for you, Curtis. I think you would say: “It’s the other way around.” You ain’t gon’ be there.” I say, I might be. Jehovah will make that decision.
You left us with snarls on our faces–eyes wide open in shock. One thing for sure, I told you I loved you when you could hear me, versa-versa. I have a hope. Jesus cried when Lazarus died–John 11:33, 35. Lazarus’ family were grieving. I can’t cry, Curtis. I lost my tears. I can’t find them. I can’t feel them.

You are safe, Curtis. You didn’t suffer and I thank Jehovah for that. You didn’t suffer.
I love you. I know You Can’t Get Used To Anything. Just Can’t Get Used To It.
Nothing stays the same.

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