Welcome to Really Vivian

One Writer’s Literary Journey


Who am I? A woman, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, a loyal friend, an animal lover (Poodles and birds), a plant lover, a poet, a writer, and God-fearing. I love flowers. The thought of them make me smile. I love books (prefer nonfiction), decorating, and clothes (did I say clothes)?

What makes me feel deeply and even happy—so much so—I can do it for hours? Writing. Times flies when I’m writing. When I read it, I’m entertained. Gon’ girl. Do your thing.

The Divine Ms. V and I are of the same, but she’s deeper, or is she? It’s called writing schizophrenia. Most writers wouldn’t admit it, but I believe they understand, and if they don’t, so.  I don’t feel like myself when I’m creating. My characters tell the story. I listen.

When I read my work, I’m always touched—from the very oomph of me. I’ve been through some stuff folks. Thought it was bad, but all of it—a learning experience—you’d better believe. I’m a better woman because of it—hahaha—Right! It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then.

The time has come to embrace my why. I’ve decided to find a literary agent and/or publisher who connects with me.

I’m not afraid. I’m ready. Writing is subjective. I’m searching for a team who wants to work with me.

Click on About Me. Let’s do this together.