Looked at the moon

Saw your face

Looked at the clouds

Saw your face

Turned around

Saw your face

Fell asleep

Saw your face

Looked in the mirror

Saw my face

Earned my face

In the moon

In the clouds

In my dreams

Face the face

∼Vivian Dixon Sober∼

2 thoughts on “Face

  1. This poem is interesting..It makes a person look at the moon’s “deep expanse”. Looking at the moon and seeing someone’s face..and looking into the mirror and seeing your own face, powerful. I have not seriously looked into a Mirror and saw my face for months. For one I’m too short. (No, not the Rapper). I’m physically challenged. Looking at the shape of the moon, suspended on nothing makes you wonder and dream about your own existence. Why have a moon that gives off it’s light? Why is turning around and around?..Is the moon doing Tai-Chi?..Will I be turning around and falling asleep?.. Sleep is hard for me these days. It will get better Ms. V. says.. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    1. Carmi,

      I pretend not. You’re going to be all right. Does almost count? Just a little while longer, and poof. You will be in a different place, a different scene, playing a different role. Are we back to the whys? You have the answers. I guess that’s a silly question to ask you. It’s like asking me to stop being me.

      Face is interesting to me too.


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