More Powerful Than Ashes and Dust

My stroll is personal Though I do not walk alone It appears I do The blue rose speaks of a true love story Deep One that survives thorns and thistles Pastoral peace Ah, beauty clad in bark, blue, and green Tell a story with no brags No brags No brags A…

Without A Parachute

My state of affairs have never felt like this Something’s wrong I’m sensitive I feel your pain Your heart Your soul Your joy Your love Your happiness I cry your tears But now I’ve changed I’m all dried up I can’t cry anymore I’m tapped out or zoned in In to…

Just Don’t Get Used To It

For you, Curtis. I lit the candle of thought. “Candle of Thought” was lit in memory of Curtis Gallaway Curtis, first cousins are nearly brothers and sisters. You are the closest person to a brother that I had. Your love was without hypocrisy. “Curtis who?” That’s what I said, when…

Not Your Friend

Beauty is on the inside. It transcends the physical. If this picture depicts the inner person of anyone you know, run as fast as you can. Let’s be clear. You’re not going to see an actual monster looking at you. You’re going to see someone you know—a friend, a relative, but…


Shock We’re in shock. Curtis died. My cousin died today. Who has control of the more important things?

If You Raised Kids, Get Your Life!

Mama, the song by Boyz II Men, is the national anthem from a child to his or her mom. Though moms can only be moms, we teach our boys and daughters our best—the best we know at the time. My Mom, a widow, received gifts from us on mother’s and…


Looked at the moon Saw your face Looked at the clouds Saw your face Turned around Saw your face Fell asleep Saw your face Looked in the mirror Saw my face Earned my face In the moon In the clouds In my dreams Face the face ∼Vivian Dixon Sober∼


when WHY DOES NOT MATTER! Why Talk When No One Is Listening. —Vivian—


This life has many lifespans, and I died, at least, seven times. Accepted new opportunities to live. Therefore, it’s fair to say: I knew you in another lifetime. I died in a lifespan. I will never shed another tear about that lifespan. Vivian Dixon Sober

Life Is

I said I wasn’t going to fill this blog with my writing.  After all, I am seeking literary representation, but I’m full of thoughts. Do they ever stop? So much going on today. We should appreciate beautiful things. Things that make us happy. Free beauty is from God. The sunset, ocean,…